After you place an order on Instacart, you may see a charge from us you didn’t expect. Some of these charges can range from—

  • A temporary authorization hold for an order in process
  • An adjusted total for changes in your order (e.g., items unavailable or replaced items at a different price)
  • A recurring charge, such as an Instacart+ subscription fee

Why is my card charged with a temporary authorization hold?

We place a temporary authorization hold for a slightly higher amount than your estimated order total. Authorization hold amounts vary but are typically calculated at about 115% of the order total and rounded to the nearest $5 increment. This small difference accounts for potential changes in the final total due to added items, items replaced at a different price, and the actual weight of items. You could see more than 1 authorization hold on an order if adjustments made after checkout exceed the original authorization total amount.


We release the authorization hold after your order is delivered or canceled. It can then take 7 days for the pending charge to drop, depending on your bank’s processes. If you have more questions about releasing authorization holds, contact your bank or credit card.

We will only charge you for the total of the items delivered to you.

Why is my final total different from the total at checkout?

When you place an order, we show you the anticipated total, including estimated taxes and fees. The final total charged to your card may be different if any changes occur during the shopping process, such as—

  • An item is out of stock and you’re refunded
  • You add an item to your order after checkout
  • An item you order needs to be replaced, and the replacement has a different price
  • An item you order is sold by weight and the exact weight is slightly different

Why does my statement have a recurring charge?

In certain instances, the statement from your bank may show that a one-time order charge is "recurring." This happens when our payments processor marks certain payments as recurring so that you're able to place future orders without re-entering your credit card information.
No charges to your card will occur unless you place another order, sign-up for Instacart+, or otherwise allow new charges. 

Fraudulent charges

If none of the options above apply and you still feel the charge you see is fraudulent, please contact us.

We recommend reaching out before you dispute unknown charges with your bank. Your account will be on hold once you file a dispute and the investigation may take up to 90 days to resolve.